French Course Schedules

French Course Schedules:


Schedule of classes:

For an up-to-date schedule of current courses, with scheduling and location information, use the Student Affairs Schedule of Classes.  (Select "French," desired quarter, and course level from the drop-down menus.)

Catalog descriptions:

For brief descriptions of all the French classes listed in the UCSB general catalog, click here.

GE approved courses:

Click here to find out which courses in French fulfill which GE requirements.

French Peer Tutoring (FR 1-6 ONLY):

W23 Schedule. If interested in becoming a peer tutor, please email Kyle Patterson at


For an archive of past courses offered in the French department, click here.

Instructor Codes:

Please use these codes when enrolling for courses with individualized instruction in French.

Dr. Enders - 08
Dr. Jullien - 02
Dr. Larue - 19
Dr. Maleuvre - 07


Dr. Nesci - 42
Dr. Prieto - 09
Dr. Schultz - 16
Dr. Skenazi - 06